Exterior Home Trends

Wednesday Sep 08th, 2021


Current & Upcoming Exterior Home Trends

Simple and sleek is in. 

Clean architectural lines are currently preferred over curves and arches resulting in an understated sophistication. With the existing Scandinavian/mid-century modern interior trends it’s not a surprise that exteriors are leaning in the same direction. Contemporary, modern and industrial light fixtures add interesting detail along with horizontal railings and large scale house numbers. Black is a favourite finish across the board for all exterior accessories.  

Doors and windows are now receiving much more consideration than in the past. Stylish black windows can be utilized as eye-catching focal points and garage doors aren’t being left out either. These are treated as features and celebrated, either with the wood-look treatment, or, adorned in columns of attractive windows or, gate-type hardware. Wide front doors are statement pieces, often in wood-look, with beautiful black hardware and large sidelights. New homes are going all out on windows with entire walls covered in glass for a stunning effect. Front porches are still a favourite and deliver a huge dose of curb appeal.

Wood, or “wood-look”, accents are trending hard and compliment virtually any style of home from farmhouse to ultra-modern. Vertically oriented siding accents, front doors and pergolas are common areas to add a little warmth and character. While real wood may offer the most character, there are now plenty of incredible wood-look products widely available that offer a more practical and low-maintenance approach without sacrificing style. Metal roofing accents are seen adding subtle interest to porches and overhangs.

While the all-white modern farmhouse exterior is still going strong, as we head into the last few months of 2021, we have been seeing some new and exciting alternatives! All white exteriors are evolving into more of a high contrast look with bold dark siding added to highlight architectural features. Black or, charcoal are a safe bet, while those who care to be a bit bold may go with a dark forest green or navy to add dimension. Warmer whites are used to prevent the contrast from being too harsh. Mixed finishes work well with this look; Light coloured masonry has an air of elegance when paired with dark board and batten siding, stucco panels, or Hardie board.

If you’re not into the high contrast dark siding, beige has started to make a comeback. We will likely see more of this neutral and natural style in 2022, mostly with white, but also along with some moss and sage green. Earthy vibes are on the rise.


written by: Monique St. Cyr for MeroSellsHomes 


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