Fresh Ideas for Fall Décor

Friday Oct 01st, 2021


Maybe your local supermarket is already fresh out of pumpkins, or maybe you’re just looking for something a little less predictable to transition your home into the holiday season…  If so, here are fifteen simple and modern ideas to inspire your fall décor.

  1. Swap out the usual pumpkins for squash.  Carve them, hollow them out and put floral arrangements in them, or, group together a few different varieties for an interesting grouping -  indoors, or, outdoors.
  2. Wheat or pampas grass.  Beautiful as a wreath, solo in a vase, or, as part of a floral arrangement.
  3. Fall colours combined with pops of an unexpected hue.  Pick a vibrant colour that brings you joy. Maybe bright pink or royal blue?  
  4. Antlers.  Au natural, or, faux antlers painted in your favourite colour are lovely seasonal wall or table décor.
  5. Woven elements. Rattan, wicker, or cane objects are a great way to bring a natural touch to your space without having to go and forage for branches.
  6. Copper, brass and gold.  Warm metallics are perfect for adding sparkle and warmth!
  7. Layered textiles & patterns.  Layered rugs and window treatments can give your space an extra cozy feeling.
  8. Terra cotta.  Dishware or decorative items in terra cotta add fall colour feels in an understated way.
  9. White on white.  Or, better yet, off white.  Try white pumpkins, white flowers, and white candles together for an ethereal vibe.
  10. Moody florals.  Think plum, burgundy, or wine coloured blooms.
  11. Golden leaves.  Catch them just as they turn that lovely golden amber colour, maybe even with a hint of green left, for a change from the usual oranges and reds.
  12. Greenery garlands.  Garlands give a special feeling of celebration.  Avoid getting “Christmas-ey” too early though, by using lighter, leafier greens such as eucalyptus or boxwood.
  13. Clear lacquered tree stumps.  Great for extra seating or as accent tables.
  14. A crocheted or knit table runner. Tables can be cozy too!
  15. Twinkle lights in berry branches.  When candles aren’t an option, twinkle lights are the next best thing.  Switch them on and forget about them!


written by: Monique St. Cyr for MeroSellsHomes 

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