Home Decor for Reduced Stress

Monday Aug 16th, 2021


Simplifyiing Home Decor for Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Home should be your sanctuary, a place to escape and recharge.  When being at home leaves you feeling exhausted and depleted it might be time to rethink some of the décor and organization to help ease stress and anxiety. 

Turn your space into a peaceful haven by incorporating some of the following ideas.  

Yep, you guessed it, start with neutrals.  No yawns here.  Neutral does NOT have to mean boring, however, we want to be mindful of colour as too many bright colours can be over-stimulating and feel like an assault on the senses.  Neutrals can be surprisingly pleasing when chosen in various textures and finishes. 

Think brushed metals, a velvet sofa, matte subway tile, maybe even a tasselled throw or some pillows with a cute pom-pom fringe.  All of these can be subdued in colour while still providing interest in an inviting way. 

For a fool-proof approach that helps to focus the mind, use a favourite colour , or two, only in a few adored accessories or pieces of art.  Your space can be made to feel purposeful and serene by designing it around these items.

While you’re at it, feel free to mix a few different design styles for a more relaxed feeling and avoid anything too matchy-matchy as it feels unnatural.  Nature can provide some of the most beautiful accents; whether plants and flowers are your thing, or, crystals, stones and branches are more your level of maintenance.  Bring some of the outdoors in for a grounded and tranquil space.

Good lighting can play a highly important role in helping to boost moods and energy levels.   Studies show that poor lighting can actually contribute to depression or other health issues.  Consider the function of each room in your home and how much natural, ambient, or task lighting is required both during the day and at night.  Window treatments ought to be layered to achieve the desired amount of lighting depending on the time of day.  In common spaces like living and dining areas, a sheer drape for daytime will maximize the happiness effect of natural light and a blind or shade that can be drawn at night offers privacy and a sense of coziness and security. 

For spaces lacking in windows, reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass tables can maximize whatever light is available.  In the evening, tone down the intensity of lighting with dimmers or use lamps with soft light bulbs to help unwind before bed.

One of the principal causes of unease at home is clutter.  Clutter feeds anxiety and creates physical stress so try to cut back on “stuff” out in the open that does not get used daily.  Keep countertops tidy by grouping essential items in stylish trays and have a small container for emptying pockets in entryways.  One of the best secret weapons to attack clutter is to let functional items double as décor instead of having useless dust-collecting objects. You might be surprised how a small stack of your favourite books on a side table, a cute hat hanging on the wall, or an attractive wood cutting board propped on a kitchen counter brings you joy as you walk by and think of the memories they bring to mind.  Anything else you haven’t touched in the past two weeks can probably be kept in a cabinet, closet or drawer.   It may take a short while to get used to putting everything away, (Do your toaster and blender really need to sit out on the counter?) but the satisfaction and relief of a clutter free space are well worth it.

Most importantly, keep it simple. Make your bed, set the mood with pleasant scents and lighting, focus on things that trigger happiness and positivity, and keep non-essentials out of sight. Try to do a quick daily general “tidying” of your home and make sure furniture is arranged so that you can move through each room freely without stubbing your toe or having to turn sideways.  Ditch anything that feels fussy or distracting. Now pick your favourite spot, sit back and admire your serene space.



written by: Monique St. Cyr for MeroSellsHomes 

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