November 2021 Real Estate Newsletter

Tuesday Nov 09th, 2021


Welcome November! The days are shorter, cooler temperatures and the leaves have turned colours. The real estate market seems to be turning as well. Inventory is slowing down and the townhouse market seems to be slowly picking up again. A new concept has entered the arena – the unreserved digital auction. You might have noticed that they are starting to pop up on MLS. It is a listing that has an offer hold out until a certain date, and once that date arrives it becomes available for a live auction bid. The bidding can go on for several days and is completely transparent. This means that you can see every bid that goes in, the users name and how many previous bids were placed. The winner of the auction must make it official by signing the company’s own agreement of purchase and provide a minimum 2.5% deposit. Many are asking: Will this auction style selling stand the test of time? I personally don’t think so. Working with a professional Licensed Realtor in my opinion is and has always been the tried and proven method to selling a home.


Home ownership comes with its responsibilities. Maintaining your exterior as well as your interior will help you avoid issues in the future such as leaks, mold, vermin, insects, and costly repair bills.
 Here are few items to get a head start on before the snow hits the ground:

Water Bibs – You want to make sure your water bibs are closed for the season. You will typically have one bib in the backyard and one in the garage. If you have any garden hoses attached, remove, drain the water, and store them away. Each bib will have a shut off value located in the basement or interior of your home. Shut the valve off and drain the exterior bib to prevent any freezing.

Gutters and Downspouts – Keep your gutters free any leaves or debris that can clog and prevent water flow. Your downspouts should be angled and long enough to direct water away from your home. Check your grading as well. You want to avoid having any water or ice build up around your foundation.

Windows – Remove your window screens for the winter season. This will help your windows breath and prevent moisture build-up. The better the airflow and less obstructions, the drier your windows will stay. Keeping your blinds up during the day and heat registers open helps. A blocked window with no heat or airflow will allow water to build-up and overtime lead to mold. This can be hazardous and very costly to deal with.

Air Quality – Invest in getting a humidifier and humidity controller attached to your furnace. This will allow you to control your humidity levels throughout the home, offer better air quality and avoid too much or too little humidity. The optimal setting for your humidity level should be around 33 degrees.

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